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The Ashley Foundation recognizes that in todays economy, school budgets have cut arts programs, generally as the first source to balance budgets. At home, budgets are becomming even tighter with increased prices and taxes while wages diminish. We do our best to search for and obtain grants from individuals and organizations to fill the huge gap.

The Ashley Foundation's growth has incresased from 6 scholarship recipients in the year 2005 to nearly 40 in 2009. We expect 2010 to have even more applicants than ever before. Even with the economy in it's current state, we are striving to obtain funds to cover scholarships for the expected applicants.

The Ashley Foundation is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 Tax Deductable organization. We seek your help in contacting contributors to this Foundation. It is only with the help of individuals, organizations and corporations that scholarships are available. We need your help to contact these potential contributors.

Contributions to the Ashley Foundation are distributed only to maintain the Foundation's state licensing and other expenses such as postage and envelopes, and of course scholarships. Close to 100% of all contributions are used as scholarship funds!

Ashley Foundation scholarships are available to teachers and students of "Bowed" String Instruments such as violin, viola, string bass or cello. Applications need to be complete before submitting and submitted with sufficient time to evaluate the application. Select the link below to view and download the appropriate application information.

Please feel free to contact the Ashley Foundation for assistance.

The Ashley Foundation
P. O. Box 1685
Saint Augustine, Florida 32085


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