Only with Your Help!

Ashley Foundation Contributors!

Ashley Foundation Contributors!

The Ashley Foundation understands the burden and sacrifice that each contributor makes when they support the Foundation.  Each and every contribution is handled with love and care; after all, it is in Ashley's name that we accept the gift, and Ashley's name that will be criticized for mishandling of the contributions.  We will NOT let that happen. 

Through the years, the Ashley Foundation has been trusted by individuals, organizations and businesses.  The blessings from these contributors has been the "Life's Blood" of the Foundation, keeping Ashley, her laughs and smiles and her giving heart alive.  These contributors have a sincere love of the children, teachers and the music they create. 

As students study music, they become better citizens.  Not because the contributions are spent teaching "citizenship", but because students of these instruments learn more, learn faster, work better with others and eventually, contribute in all aspects of life, back to society.

All contributions to the Ashley Foundation are bundled together to serve the needs of the students and teachers.  Less than 3% of the contributions are used for expenses leaving greater than 97% for applicant scholarships.  These expenses are for state business licensing, stamps and paper.  As contributions increase, even greater portions are directly converted to meet the needs of the applicants.

Please, look through the names of the contributors.  Each name you see represents love not only for Ashley and her commitment to help others, but their own love and kind heart.

Please, add your name to the list.  Make a difference in the life of a student, and it will make a difference in the life of this nation.