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Ways to Give to The Ashley Foundation

Different Ways to Give!



What type of contributions are needed?

Monetary contributions support students or teachers by paying tuition in all or part to attend workshops, music camps, obtain private lessons, instruments, music or supplies.

ItemsNeeded In New Condition such as instrument polish/cleaner, rosin, strings (violin, viola, cello, bass)

Items needed In New or Used (useable) Condition such as bows, cases, instruments, metronomes, sheet music, music stands, shoulder rests, rock stops, tuners

Contributions to The Ashley Foundation are Tax Deductable!   The Internal Revenue Service has granted The Ashley Willwerth Memorial Scholarship Foundation, Inc. tax deductable status under the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c) (3). Currently, nearly 100% of ALL contributions are being applied to Scholarships as needed by students and teachers.

The Officers of this Foundation are non-paid volunteers. They give of their time and resources so that students and teachers of music may have more opportunities to expand their musical talent and greater success as they grow intellectually.

The Family and Friends of Ashley and the Scholarship Recipients  Wish to express their sincere THANKS for your generous contribution.

Note: Please indicate with your contribution if you do NOT wish to have your name placed on THE LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS

Questions? If you have any questions concerning contributions please contact us at

Contributions to The Ashley Foundation may be mailed to:

The Ashley Foundation
 P.O. Box 1685
 Saint Augustine, Florida 32085


PayPal    Select the Link Below

 By using PayPal, you have the option and convenience of using bank cards or direct transfers in a safe and secure environment.

eBay Giving Works    Select the Link Below

Select the link below and see if anyone has an item for sale that will benefit The Ashley foundation or if you use eBay to sell items, you can commit any portion of the sale of items from 10% to 100% of the items selling price to The Ashley Foundation.  The eBay icon below will link to the eBay page where you can give all or part of your sale or even make a donation without selling anything.  In making donations this way, eBay will return to you all or part of your selling fees they charged to list and sell the item. 


The Ashley Foundation welcomes any donations to support our mission, but would like you to consider a contribution AFTER your sale of goods, made directly to the Ashley Foundation

Based on our past, we put nearly 100% of ALL donations toward applicant scholarship assistance, therefore, contributions to the Ashley Foundation through Mission Fish would diminish the contributions effectiveness considerably.

Just above, the "DONATE" link is available to make contributions DIRECTLY to the Ashley Foundation WITHOUT the 20% loss to Mission Fish.


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